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non-magnetic whiteboard

Why You Should Switch to a Non Magnetic Whiteboard Leave a comment

Free of any type of clutter non-magnetic whiteboard is a good choice for you. Even though magnetic whiteboards offer amazing things, but if you consider classrooms and offices, a non magnetic board makes more sense. 

non magnetic whiteboard
Non-Magnetic Whiteboard

If you are using a magnetic board, then it’s time to switch to a non-magnetic board. Want to know the reason, keep reading. 

What is a non magnetic whiteboard?

Simple traditional whiteboards without any magnetic properties are called non-magnetic whiteboards. You can write in them with a marker and then wipe them off with a duster. 

The hardwood of this type of board is made of plastic. That’s why they are cost-effective. A non magnetic board doesn’t have any cons as they are easily manageable. You can easily clean them. 

Why switch to a non magnetic board

  1. Less pricey 

Price needs to discuss in any factor of life, and that’s allowed on the whiteboards. If considering the price, the non-magnetic whiteboard is cheap than a magnetic whiteboard. And because of less rate, you will get more variety in this type of dry erase board. 

You can get them in different sizes and prices, so it would be easy for you to make a purchase. And this way, a non-magnetic whiteboard is an easily more available and used product. 

And considering this factor, you should move to a non magnetic whiteboard. 

2. Durability 

You have to consider durability whenever buying any product. And the non magnetic board won this race very well. A regular non-magnetic board is durable for 2 to 5 years. Which is indeed a long duration. 

That means you have only to invest one time, and you are short out for years. If you need a whiteboard for frequent use, you should go for a non-magnetic board. 

3. Easily manageable 

The non-magnetic whiteboard is very lightweight, so you can easily put it anywhere with only one hand. They are easily manageable. Easily wipe off, make the non magnetic whiteboard a good choice for students and offices. 

You can use it in many ways, like drawing anything or writing a plan effortlessly. If you want a clutter-free space, you can use a dry erase whiteboard. 

What makes a non magnetic whiteboard different from a magnetic whiteboard?

In terms of things like lamination and white surface, there is no difference between these two. The real difference is magnetic whiteboard allows you to stick things. You can attach any type of notes or presentation accessories to the magnetic whiteboard.

And that is not possible on the non magnetic board. A non-magnetic board is mainly made of MDF placed in plastic. The magnetic board is made of steel, so it does not break easily. 

Which one to choose: a magnetic whiteboard or a non-magnetic whiteboard

It totally depends on your requirement. If you want a cheaper option and are looking for an easily manageable thing, the magnetic board is a good choice. Also, if you don’t need to stick things, you should definitely go for a dry erase board. 

non-magnetic whiteboard
Non-Magnetic Whiteboard

If you need a whiteboard that has been run for more than 20 years, then the magnetic board is a good choice for you. Although a non-magnetic board lasts for years but not more than a magnetic one. 

So check your needs and buy as per that. 

In the end, 

After considering so many factors, a non-magnetic whiteboard is a good option for you. You don’t worry about things like price and durability while buying a traditional whiteboard. 

So choose a non magnetic whiteboard for an easy

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