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Thermocare Gel Electric Warm Bag (Multi Colour) Electrical 1 L Hot Water Bag (Multi colour and Design)

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Thermocare Gel Electric Warm Bag keep you warm through winter heat & keeps Warm up to 3 Hours. An electric hot water pouch is a pouch filled & sealed with special gel, used to provide warmth, typically whilst in bed, but also for the application of heat to a specific part of the body. It is a high quality reliever from aches in cold climatic conditions. Gives relief from pain and makes you feel comfortable. Heating Pad Is The New Age Replacement For Traditional Hot Water Bottle. Just 5 To 10 Minutes Of Electric Charge Gives Heated Pad For Close To 120 Minutes (approx., Depending On The Surrounding Temperature) strong Points portable Rechargeable Heating Pad easy To Use And Carry less Electricity Consumption easy Operation: Does Not Require Filling Of Water where To Use rechargeable Heat Pad Is Useful For Providing Instant Relief From Pain And Treatment Of Sports Injuries, Arthritis, Sore Neck, Backache, Muscular Pains, Cramps, Hypothermia, Sprains, Growing Pains Etc. pamper Your Senses And Rejuvenate Your Health After A Long Day’s Work how To Use 1 – Insert The Power Cord On The Product To The Socket And Connect The Power 1a – Keep It On Flat And Levelled Surface While Charging 2 – A Red Light (indicator) Starts Immediately Showing Heating Is In Process 3 – After 7 To 10 Minutes Indicator Switches Off Automatically 4 – You Can Switch Off Charging Before That Also To Keep The Heat Low 5 – Heat Pad Is Ready To Use 6 – Once Heat Pad Is Charged, It Will Remain Hot For The Period Of 60 To 120 Minutes . take All Precautions Of Handling Electric Gadgets And Appliances do Not Use.


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You can stay warm for up to three hours with a Thermocare Gel Electric Warm Bag during the winter. An electric hot water pouch is a pouch that is filled with special gel and sealed shut. It is used to provide warmth, usually when in bed, but it can also be used to apply heat to a particular area of the body. It is a top-notch pain reliever for cold weather situations. provide pain relief and makes you feel at ease. The modern alternative to the conventional hot water bottle is the heating pad. A five to ten-minute electric charge provides a heated pad that lasts for about 120 minutes (approx., Depending On The Surrounding Temperature) solid Points low electricity use, simple operation, and portability for a portable rechargeable heating pad

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  1. Vivaan

    Amazing product


  2. anupam singh

    Nice hot water bag with premium quality material. It heats up very quickly and last longer. Loved the product at this rate.

    anupam singh

  3. Tulika Barua

    The luquid gets hot wuthin a minute or two. And does stay warm for long time. Only draw back is that the liquid inside is not enough as a result one side of the bag is always feels empty. Otherwise everything is really good and also the design is nit the same as shown in the picture.

    Tulika Barua

  4. Maitri

    Nice quality


  5. Meena P.

    Meena P.

  6. Ilayi gaddi

    Awesome product …. Easy to use … Better for nerve pain relaxation and

    Ilayi gaddi

  7. srinivasulu

    Amazing productLess priceVery useful productGoo quality


  8. Amazon Customer

    Easy to use…. nice product

    Amazon Customer

  9. Riya Patel

    Quality of this hotbag is to good, its heat up so fast and thr hotness is remain for long time. Totally value for money

    Riya Patel

  10. Kunal mahajan

    I really like this 😍 best product in this price 🙌🏻❤️

    Kunal mahajan

  11. Tahir

    Totally recommendedI have bought 2 of these now and they work very well👍


  12. Kishan

    Very fast delivery, easy to charge and it lasts for more than 2 hours, good for pain relief… recommend to take it


  13. Shailesh Ahirrao

    Value for money, good quality product

    Shailesh Ahirrao

  14. Anshul


  15. Abhi



  16. Aniket Jain

    I received this product on time. I got it exactly as shown in picture. It is made of good quality. Gets warm very quickly and stays warm for long period. Totally worth the money and works perfectly

    Aniket Jain

  17. Rajender

    Quick delivery by Amazon. In this price point Heltus is best available option, Heats quickly and remains hot for longer period of time.Wiring connections are firm and secure Safe for use👍


  18. charanjeet

    Instant heating with long time period


  19. Challa Akhil Kumar

    Good product

    Challa Akhil Kumar

  20. Shailesh kumar


    Shailesh kumar

  21. Akshay Pawar

    The media could not be loaded.

     Osm product but how to carry hot bag after water is hot???Can i change the water??

    Akshay Pawar

  22. Bina Singh

    I had pain in my backbone and it relaxed me so much I was very comfortable to sleep.

    Bina Singh

  23. Srihari

    It’s same as shown in pics apart from print. Which is good as it is. Stays warm for long. I charged it for 5 min approx and it stated hot for more than 1.5 hrs. I am really happy.


  24. Sarita kumari

    Nice quality and a good product for winters.

    Sarita kumari

  25. Jhandavath Pavani

    I didn’t receive the cable and the stitching of the pocket is really poor. Happened to return the product cause it’s not that durable…But can be used only for period cramps.

    Jhandavath Pavani

  26. Amazon Customer

    Cheap but good

    Amazon Customer

  27. Priyanka Dandapat

    I like this product very much and usefull to instant pain relief product. Value for money.

    Priyanka Dandapat

  28. Sunita

    Helps in relieving pain before and after use ,convinient to useValue for money


  29. Niharika

    Used the product and felt good for pain relief.Heat is retained for good amount of time.Recommended product.


  30. Sunil Saproo

    It shriks after 15 – 20 days

    Sunil Saproo

  31. Karan



  32. Sunil Kumar

    The media could not be loaded.

     I have back pain . I used it in winter . Without this bag very difficult . It heat up in 6 minute and continue it approx 2-2.5 hr . In winter best gift for me. Very easy to use . Value for money product

    Sunil Kumar

  33. nayan p.

    Easy to carry….. nice

    nayan p.

  34. Alankrita Mishra

    Everything in the item is satisfying and much of use and it is worth paying for this item

    Alankrita Mishra

  35. Dilip damasia

    value for money

    Dilip damasia

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