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display notice board for pin notice for school, institute, shop etc.

Pinned Up: How to Make a Notice Board that Sticks Out 1

In the world of messages and texts, schools still use a notice board to inform anything to students. Notice board play a huge role in schools and colleges. Most of the students pay attention to a bulletin board from time to time. 

You can easily remove and add things from a noticeboard. And this quality of the display board makes it an effective product to use. As it’s true, the notice board is indeed a part of school and college; it can’t be ignored that a notice board has to be creative and well-pinned.

Notice Board
Notice Board

So how to make it well pinned so that students attract towards it and look more into to notice board?

In his blog, we are going to give you some tips about how to make your notice board well-stick.

How to make a notice board that sticks things well

Step 1 –  Decide a theme 

The first step to making a pin board is to decide a theme. You need to decide the motive behind it, like you are using it to welcome students or you want to inform students something. 

With the theme, choose a colour for your display board. Use a colour that goes well with the theme. Try to use attractive colours to grab the student’s attention. 

Step 2 – Time to cover the board

After deciding on the colour, take the craft paper of the same colour and cover the whole bulletin board with it. Remember, you don’t have to leave any space. You can use 2 paper together to cover the whole board.

Also, choose your craft paper as your theme. Like if you are going to announce a festival season, try to use wrapping paper. 

Step 3 – Add a border 

The school bulletin board need a border for sure. So you have to add a border as per your colour theme. You can buy a border from any craft supply shop. You will find borders in many designs like zig-zag and dots. 

If you don’t consider buying it, you can make it yourself. Adding a border will define the look of your display board.

Step 4 – Add content 

Now your notice board is almost ready; it’s time to put information on it. Now put the message your want to convey in large words. Make sure it’s easily readable for human eyes. 

Also, try to write creative words, so students take an interest in reading them. You can come up with some creative ideas. 

Step 5 – Add extra things 

Now your pin board is ready, you can add any extra decoration. As now your information is in place, you can decorate it. You can use cut-outs and photos related to the topic. 

Make sure to leave enough space on the pin-up board. You don’t have to fill it with unnecessary stuff. 

This way, you can create a notice board that sticks out. These simple steps will help you to make an amazing bulletin board. 

Pin-up board
Pin-up board

Here’s some reason you should use a noticeboard 

  • A good bulletin board interests students 
  • If you put up student achievement in notice board, it motivates them
  • It increases the interactions of students with college and school

In the end, 

A Pin-up board is one of the must-have things for a school. A school or college should use a board that easily conveys the message to students. By following the above steps, you can make an effective notice board. 

By following these steps, you will get a pin board that easily sticks out things and is attractive. 

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