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Exam Board – The Different Types and Which One is Right For You. 2

When you are in the examination hall, you want the best writing experience to answer the whole question paper within the given time. Choosing the best exam board is a kind of confusing situation, but it matters. It determines your writing flow and speed. 

We are here with this article to help you with your exams and improve the experience. Here, we will discuss various exam board types and determine the best one for you.

Types of boards

There are three major categories of exam writing pads that students use to write based on the material they are made of. 

Exam Board

1. Wooden Exam Board:

A wooden exam board is smooth and strong and lasts for years. However, this one only comes up with a few designs. The wooden writing pads, which are a little more invested and not very cheap, are highly convenient and lightweight than the cardboard ones. 

They come in a variety of color shades of brown. The grip is made of steel and holds the paper strong. However, you must check it out when you buy it from a retail store. In conclusion, the wooden exam board is great for long-term use. 

2. Cardboard Exam Board:

Another kind of exam writing pad is one made of cardboard. Usually, some design printed on the paper is stuck to the surface, which makes it look fun for children. The cardboard exam board isn’t strong enough to hold your paper’s grip for years compared to the wooden exam boards. 

Mostly they are bought for little children. Also, the writing experience isn’t very smooth as well on the cardboard, that’s why it isn’t recommended much for studious teenagers. Choose a cardboard exam board for a smooth experience in the exam. 

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3. Plastic Exam Board:

The third exam board is the one made of plastic. You must have seen it mostly carried by the senior students. This cardboard comes in various colors, such as green, pink, red, blue, etc. In addition, many of their transparent versions are loved by students. 

These, too, are lightweight and smooth to write on. However, they are less strong than wooden exam boards and can break with pressure. 

4. Wooden & Plastic – For Seniors:

Wooden seems the best option in terms of strength, durability, and sober look. However, plastic writing pad stands for the same. A decent exam board that is lightweight and easy to carry around the school campus is a good fit for senior students. 

Whatever you choose, it’s up to you. We just glanced at the features of exam boards made of two different materials.

5. Cardboard Exam boards:

As we said, cardboard exam boards are in different ranges of designs. From Barbie princess to Winnie The Pooh, you can find all the designs in this category of exam boards. Let us say that none of the writing pads made of cardboard is strong enough. 

Well, now that we have categorized all three categories of exam boards for you. Let’s meet on some other blog again. 

card board


Well, you must get card board to give your best in your examination. Remember, a good writing experience results in a good result. We brought three different categories of exam boards to you. 

It’s your choice now to choose the one you find comfort with. Go and crack your exam and let no question be left away from your pen and answer sheet. Comment your thoughts on your favorite exam board below, and let us know why!


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