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Eduway Medium Grain 14″x18″ Inch – Cotton Pre Stretched Canvas with Wooden Frame for Painting, White – (35×45 Cms),

A stretched canvas is a piece of canvas fabric that has been tightly pulled over a wooden frame (called stretcher bars) and stapled or tacked on the back. It provides a flat, firm surface suitable for painting.

  • Material: The canvas fabric, typically made from cotton or linen, is chosen for its durability and texture suitable for various painting techniques.
  • Support Structure: It is stretched over a wooden frame known as stretcher bars, which are designed to keep the canvas taut.
  • Tension: The canvas is tightly pulled over these stretcher bars to create a smooth, firm surface, essential for even paint application.
  • Attachment: The edges of the canvas are secured to the back of the wooden frame using staples, tacks, or nails to maintain the tension.
  • Preparation: Often, the canvas is primed with gesso (a white paint mixture) to provide a suitable surface that enhances paint adhesion and durability.
  • Purpose: This setup offers artists a stable and professional surface for painting, ensuring their work remains in good condition over time.


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14"x18" Inch

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